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Important: Please read carefully

  1. To subscribe  click here.
  2. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. We do not accept AMEX.
  3. See the Archive to review all our trades since site inception.

    Discounted memberships :
    One Year memberships may be available at $325
    If interested please send us a message using the main contact   link on top of this page  .

Upon submitting your subscription information you will receive two (2) emails:

  1. A receipt confirming the subscription.
  2. An email with a link that will allow you to set your password and access the site.

IMPORTANT: If for some reason you do not receive these emails, it is likely that they have been classified as junk or spam or blocked by your email spam filter. So, please check your spam or junk mail box.

By checking the box on the subscription information page, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Cost of membership is $49 for 30 days.  Subject to change without notice
  • Subscriptions are NOT automatically renewed and are cancelled on Expiration
  • Long term memberships at a discounted rates are available. Please read item (3) below for more details.
  • Even though we provide email updates for Buy and Sell Recommendations (Read item 6 below), it is each member's responsibility to check for new recommendations by logging into the site. We advise checking after 9 PM EST.

(1) Will all my trades be profitable?

All winning and losing trades since site inception are listed in the Archives link for you to review. We make every effort to control losses to below 10% often using options. On rare occasions, however, we take losses over 10% to preserve capital. We expect our members to manage their own accounts and as such cannot give one on one coaching or hand holding.

(2) Is there a free trial period?

We want to avoid situations where our recommendations can affect stock movements which requires that we limit the number of subscribers to preserve site performance. This precludes offering a free trial period, but you will be credited your first month fee towards a long term membership if you renew before the expiration of the first month.

(3) Do you offer long term subscriptions?

We  offer a  ONE YEAR long term memberships at $325. For more information, please contact us using the Contact Link. Please note that the contact form is received by our secreterial staff and is only for membership questions.

(4) Are subscriptions guaranteed?

We do offer a refund of the time left on a membership upon request if our one year performance does not meet or exceed  the market average as defined by the S&P 500.Due to the low cost memberships and to be fair to prospective members, except for the condition above, NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances.

(5) Are subscriptions automatically renewed?

NO, subscriptions are cancelled on expiration, unless you contact us 24 hours or before expiration indicating that you want to renew for a  longer term membership. Our existing subscribers have priority, so your membership will be renewed even if the site is closed to new members.

To renew monthly, you must complete the transaction through the site when it is open to new members.

(6) How are updates and recommendations made?

Buy and sell recommendations are posted on the Alerts page  of the site with the charts indications on the Recommendations page t. You will also receive an email alert for any specific buy or sell recommendation.

Stock, Commentary and other updates are made on as-needed basis on the site with NO email alerts sent.

(7) Do you recommend short trades?

We do NOT recommend shorting stocks due to the unlimited risk involved if stops are not observed. Furthermore use of options to manage short positions requires complicated option trades including naked calls that many of our members cannot execute.

We try to stay out of the market when the trend is down and not take new positions while focusing on managing our current holdings.

(8) How many alerts are issued each month?

The number of alerts vary dependent on available opportunities in the market. In general between 2 to 6 alerts are issued monthly. These alerts are not distributed evenly throughout the month . Two alerts may be issued the same day, then no alerts for one week, etc. In addition, alerts issued may be for new trades or existing trades.

(9) What is the level of involvement of Samir in the site?

To keep subscription prices low, Samir acts as a consultant to the site but is not involved in the day-to-day operations. Even though most of our senior traders have been trained by him, we try to consult with him occasionally when possible.
There are a lot of well known so-called trading experts that derive most of their incomes from seminars, webinars, trading camps and books. Samir derives most of his income from trading and only limited numbers of copies are printed of his book. He does not run infomercials, webinars, seminars, or camps.

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