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Don't let market fluctuations paralyze you from generating wealth.

Welcome to generatethousands.net, a different kind of service that guides you to create wealth for yourself in the stock market. No need to be alarmed about the stock market's volatility. Dr. Samir Elias' model has worked for him and thousands more who wanted financial freedom through unlocking the fortunes within the stock market.

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Two stellar books to help you Generate Thousands

Latest News

Trading stocks using the uncommon Black Candle Setup

While this setup may be uncommon, the high probability of success (over 90 percent) makes it a must know for any trader. The signal parameters for this setup are as follows:
(1) Appearance of a large bodied Black Candle
The large body indicates an attempted breakout, while the black color indicates a closing price above the prior day's close
(2) Tightening trading range following the black candle
This indicates that the failed breakout was not followed by heavy selling but rather by slow accumulation
(3)Decreasing volume dropping to extremely low level .

Trading stocks using the Pre Earnings Narrowing Channel

The trading method described here is an adaptation of the system described in Chapter 11 of the book "Explosive Stock Trading Strategies". The objective of this trading method is :
(1) To identify high probability winners before earnings announcements
(2) To pinpoint a low risk entry point so that even in the unlikely occurence of a negative earnings surprise , our loss will be very limited.

The entry point is determined by three signals (1) A narrowing Channel. (2) A bullish Crossover . (3) A positive divergence .

When considering initial stock market offerings, wait For The Excitement to Fade....Then Buy

Whenever a new and exciting issue such as Facebook hits the market, individual investors tend to be carried away with the hype and novelty and place buy orders at the open of the first trading day.
Unless you are a very short term trader and can get in before the gap up you are likely to be disappointed. In the overwhelming majority of cases with few exceptions , when a new issue hits the market

Back from the dead.... Maybe? Winners after a stock market correction

Whenever the stock market comes out of a major correction new leaders emerge. These new leaders tend to resist the decline and bottom out before the general stock market does. In addition they are seldom the same leaders in the previos advance. In the bull market of 2012-2015 we saw leaders from the social media group , FB; the security group PANW, and the alternative energy group (TSLA). So where are the leaders of the new advance likely to come from?

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