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Trading options using Price Consolidation/MACD & Histogram analysis

This is a very profitable option trading  system I use to collect premiums by selling put options on stocks I do not own.The steps are as follows:
(1) Look for a stock that has entered a consolidation period after a strong advance
(2)After an MACD bearish crossover look for a continued price consolidation while the MACD line and
signal line are moving lower from an overbought situation.
(3)Enter when the MACD histogram is showing a bullish divergence with the MACD line nearing the signal line

Timing a stock Trade Entry Before a Major Uptrend

The method used here is an adaptation of the technique described in the book "Generate Thousands...." and used to time the sale of put and call options. In this artice I am offering a simple adaptation of this technique to time the entry into a stock before a major multi month uptrend. This is not meant for short term trading but rather for a holding period of several month possibly longer.
The Criteria used are as follows:
(1) Use weekly charts .
(2) Look for the line up of the weekly  moving averages as follows SMA(10)> EMA(20)>EMA(30)

Trading stocks using the uncommon Black Candle Setup

While this setup may be uncommon, the high probability of success (over 90 percent) makes it a must know for any trader. The signal parameters for this setup are as follows:
(1) Appearance of a large bodied Black Candle
The large body indicates an attempted breakout, while the black color indicates a closing price above the prior day's close
(2) Tightening trading range following the black candle
This indicates that the failed breakout was not followed by heavy selling but rather by slow accumulation
(3)Decreasing volume dropping to extremely low level .

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